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About Me

I'm Tony Peters

Real estate is a fantastic career. Working with a variety of buyers and sellers over the last 20 years has been a learning opportunity and an ongoing educational process–it challenges me to be the best I can.

My biggest reward in my role as a Realtor is in helping clients buy and sell real estate. When that perfect opportunity presents itself and I can be part of the realization of your goals or your dream…those are the moments I remember.

I embrace integrity as the guiding principal to every decision I make. Quite possibly the most important aspect of my relationship with you is our communication. Clear, honest, timely, and accurate communication. As we work together, our relationship will evolve and change, but it’s important that the core value of mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s point of view will always remain.

My mission is simple: to promise a lot and deliver more. How do I do that? By communicating clearly, listening to my clients’ needs, providing remarkable service to clients while keeping in mind my guiding principles, and fairly representing my clients in the attainment of their real estate goals.

To put it simply, I never forget that I am working for you. I hold integrity, strength, honour, family, perseverance, patience, knowledge and balance as key aspects of my life, and apply those values to every part of my work as a real estate agent.